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Walnut Sel Cty Cognac (2)

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Walnut is a beautiful rich hardwood floor.

Here is a break down of the different grades. Select is clear boards. Select Country is clear boards with the highlight of colour. Tavern will have knots through out the boards. Traditional is a all of the grades in one production run.

What is distressed? When the flooring has a wirebrush ran over it to give it that textured feeling. Distress on Ash is a great combination because it pulls out the grains in the floor. This option is available at an additional cost.

For all colour selection options please stop by our showroom. Perhaps you have ordered flooring from us in the past but don't see the colour on our website feel free to call us we may still have samples to match your colour to. Another good idea is to bring in a piece of your existed floor to match. 

Perhaps colour is not a factor and you would like to buy your hardwood flooring unfinished. No problem we could do that to.

Also available is our Pre-Finished Engineered Flooring also available in 5" and 7" widths. Check out the engineered flooring page for more details.

Note: Flooring samples photos are not always a true depiction of the flooring. Come to the showroom to see the real thing!

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Features and Highlights

Available In
3 1/4"
4 1/4"
Finishes Available
Low Sheen

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