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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Our pre-finished engineered flooring consists of a top layer of hardwood at 3 1/2mm thick. This allows the flooring to be refinished once. It consists of 3 layers of solid material to act as a moisture barrier. This product is designed to be laid on either in-floor heating, concrete subfloors or in basements. Flooring must be glued to concrete or stapled to the subfloor. Available in 5" or 7" widths. 

Available species

  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Rustic Maple
  • Hard Maple
  • Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

When ordering your floors you will need to make these decisions;  What species, What width of flooring, What flooring grade , What colour and What flooring gloss. 

Choose between our Select or Rustic Grade. Select meaning the flooring will have no knots. Rustic meaning there will be knots through out the flooring.

Colours seen on our hardwood floor can be applied to our engineered product.

Please feel free to flip back to the hardwood flooring pages to see all the colours available.  Choose between our gloss options: Semi-gloss, Low Sheen or Matte Finish. Our pre-finished hardwood floors have seven finishing coats to give the toughest, and best finish in the industry.

What is distressed? When the flooring has a wirebrush ran over it to give it that textured feeling. Distress on Ash and Oak floors is a great combination because it pulls out the grains in the floor. This option is available at an additional cost.

Please do factor in some waste when ordering your engineered floor.