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In Stock Products

  Size         Species                  Grade                Colour                                  Total Sqft 

2 1/2" Cherry  Traditional Cognac LS  247.5 sqft 
3 1/4" Beech Traditional Granite LS 264 sqft
3 1/4"  Cherry  Traditional Cognac LS  770 sqft 
3 1/4"  Hard Maple  Tavern Honey LS 220 sqft 
3 1/4"  Hard Maple  Tavern Cognac LS  704 sqft 
3 1/4"  Hard Maple  Saugeen Natural LS  770 sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Tavern Harvest Dist LS  361sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Tavern Hot Choc LS 2128sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Tavern Cognac Dist Matte 266sqft 
4 1/4" Ash Tavern Barnboard LS  209sqft 
4 1/4" Ash Tavern  Harvest LS  665sqft 
4 1/4" Ash Tavern Georgian Classic LS  703sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Tavern Natural LS  2356sqft
4 1/4" Ash Sel Cty  Barnboard Dist LS  228sqft 
4 1/4" Ash Sel Cty Hot Chocolate LS  627sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Sel Cty Grey Wolf Dist LS  1539sqft 
4 1/4" Ash Sel Cty Harvest LS 665sqft 
4 1/4" Rustic Maple Holey Honey 551sqft 
4 1/4" Rustic Maple  Traditional Steel LS  209sqft 
4 1/4" Beech    Natural  304sqft 
4 1/4" Beech  Traditional Honey 266sqft 
4 1/4" Beech Traditional Granite 456sqft
4 1/4"  Red Oak  Tavern  Natural LS  1083sqft
Rustic Maple Traditional Granite LS  236sqft 
Ash Sel Cty  Snow White LS  360sqft 
Ash Traditional Snow White LS 360sqft 
5 Ash Tavern Charcoal 225sqft
Ash Sel Cty  Steel LS 1012sqft
5 Ash Sel Cty Grey Wolf Dist LS  495sqft
Ash Sel Cty  Hot Chocolate  202sqft 
5 Cherry  Tavern Cognac LS  292sqft 

ENGINEERED Hardwood Flooring stock listed below

5 Rustic Maple Traditional Natural LS  281sqft 
5 Ash Tavern Hot Chocolate 285sqft
5 Ash Tavern Steel LS  320sqft 
7 Hard Maple  Select  Natural Semi 140sqft
7 Hard Maple  Select  Natural LS  200sqft 
10 Ash  Select  Cognac LS  390sqft 

In stock Doors

26 64.75 Basswood 2 panels round top UF 1 door in stock
24 80 Ash  4 horizontal panels UF 1 door in stock
30 80 Ash 6 panels prefinished Seude  2 doors in stock

Note: Please call to confirm the product is still in stock and to place your hold before driving to South Bruce Flooring.

Under 200sqft is not listed. If you are looking for a few boxes call in to check the stock. 519-367-3215

Dist means distressed feature has been applied to that flooring

LS means the gloss is low sheen

UF means unfinished