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In Stock Products

  Size         Species                  Grade                Colour                                  Total Sqft 

3 1/4" Beech Traditional Granite LS 264 sqft
3 1/4"  Hard Maple  Tavern Honey LS 220 sqft 
3 1/4"  Hard Maple  Tavern Cognac LS  704 sqft 
3 1/4"  Hard Maple  Saugeen Natural LS  880 sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Tavern Cognac Dist Matte 266sqft
4 1/4"  Ash Tavern Hot Choc LS 1482sqft 
4 1/4" Ash  Tavern Natural LS  342sqft
4 1/4"  Ash Traditional Arrow LS  2812sqft
4 1/4" Ash Sel Cty Hot Chocolate Dist LS  1121sqft 
4 1/4"  Ash Sel Cty Grey Wolf Dist LS  1539sqft 
4 1/4" Hard Maple Holey Honey 551sqft 
4 1/4"  Hard Maple Tavern Georgian Classic Matte 1310sqft 
4 1/4"  Hard Maple Tavern  Natural LS  1710sqft 
4 1/4"  Hard Maple  Saugeen Natural LS  1672sqft 
4 1/4"  Hard Maple Sel Cty  Georgian Classic LS  731.5sqft
4 1/4"  Red Oak  Tavern  Natural LS  437sqft
Rustic Maple Traditional Granite LS  236sqft 
5 Ash Traditional Hazy Greige LS  3060sqft
Ash Traditional Chocolate  1350sqft
5 Ash Sel Cty Grey Wolf Dist LS  225sqft
5 Cherry  Tavern Cognac LS  270sqft 

ENGINEERED Hardwood Flooring stock listed below

5 Rustic Maple Traditional Natural LS  281sqft 
5 Ash Tavern Hot Chocolate 285sqft
5 Ash Tavern Steel LS  320sqft 
7 Hard Maple  Select  Natural Semi 140sqft
7 Hard Maple  Select  Natural LS  200sqft 
10 Ash  Select  Cognac LS  390sqft 

Square EDGE Hardwood Flooring stock listed below 

2.25 Hard Maple Tavern  UF 870sqft
4.25 Hard Maple Tavern UF 836sqft
3.25 Red Oak Select  UF  326sqft
4.25 Cherry Tavern UF 228sqft
5 Ash Tavern  UF 200sqft
5 Ash Select Country UF 202sqft

In stock Doors

24 80 Ash  4 horizontal panels UF 1 door in stock

Note: Please call to confirm the product is still in stock and to place your hold before driving to South Bruce Flooring.

Under 200sqft is not listed. If you are looking for a few boxes call in to check the stock. 519-367-3215

Dist means distressed feature has been applied to that flooring

LS means the gloss is low sheen

UF means unfinished 

If you like the look of multiple widths of flooring you could consider the following colours of hardwood flooring:

Hard Maple Saugeen

Ash Grey Wolfe