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Flooring FAQ's

Will my hardwood scratch from dogs, children, etc.?

Yes, all hardwoods will scratch. If you have dogs and small children you should be purchasing a Tavern grade or Distressed floor.

It's suggested that you also use chair & furniture pads as well as lifting your furniture instead of sliding it along the floor.

Why does a hardwood floor cup?

A hardwood floor will cup due to high moisture and humidity.

Hardwood is a kiln dried product and that means the moisture has been taken down to 8%. If there is high humidity or dampness hardwood reacts like a sponge and this causes cupping.

It can be fixed if caught early enough but, if you install the right product in the proper environment you can avoid these issues.

What if I want a colour that you don't carry?

If there's a colour that you like and we don't carry it we can do custom colour matching for you.

Where is our hardwood flooring manufactured?

From the forest to the floor all of our flooring is 100% Canadian Made.

We log our own trees, kiln dry and manufacture all of our flooring at our lumber mill in Mildmay, Ontario

What is the difference between hardwood and engineered flooring?

The difference between hardwood and engineered flooring is how they are manufactured.

Hardwood is a solid 3/4" board, where engineered is a 1/4" of solid hardwood pressed onto 3 layers of criss-crossed plywood.

These layers stabilize the hardwood from moisture in concrete and rapid heat and cold caused by in-floor heating.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my basement?

Yes, there are a few options for installing hardwood flooring in your basement.

  1. Install a Duratek subfloor if your room has the extra height, this allows the concrete to breath and any moisture to escape due to the plastic membrane underneath the plywood.
  2. Install Engineered flooring which can be glued directly onto concrete.

Does hardwood flooring have to be nailed?

Yes, hardwood flooring has to be nailed. It is NOT a floating floor.

You can use cleat nails or staples and nail about 8" apart.

How do you know which size of hardwood flooring to install?

You can basically install any size of flooring up to 5" in a renovation.

If it is new construction we recommend installing nothing wider than a 4 1/4" size. This is due to the fact that a new build will hold a lot of moisture and can take around a year to dry out.

Hardwood is like a sponge, if your home has a lot of moisture or high humidity your floor is at a higher risk of cupping.

Which variety of hardwood flooring is the hardest?

If you look at the Janka scales for hardwood it will show Hickory and Hard Maple as the hardest woods.

When buying a hardwood floor you need to get educated on how the floor is prefinished. Hardness testing is only done on raw wood and it will mean nothing if there isn't a quality finish on your flooring.

How should I clean my hardwood floors?

We recommend a product called "Woodpecker Hardwood And Laminate Spray Cleaner", it contains NO wax.

If you use the wrong products you will start to see footprints, especially on darker floors. If you prefer not to use a cleaning product than just use water.

What's the difference between Select & Tavern?

Select means that there are no knots or imperfections in the grain. Tavern is just the opposite, it has knots and imperfections. These knots and imperfections can help to add character to your hardwood floor.

All knots are puttied and prefinished so they will never dry out and become loose.

How is our hardwood flooring prefinished?

Our flooring has 7 layers of acrylic dried under ultra violet lighting. There's also a layer of aluminum oxide for hardness and a layer of U.V. protection for window shadowing and fading.

How thick is our hardwood flooring?

All of our floors are a full 3/4" thickness with the exception of our Engineered flooring, which is 5/8" thickness.